Young Friends

I recently had the blessing of some dear friends and their two your kids come and say with me. Their daughter and I have a sweet connection and we wanted to add to the memories while they where all here. Swimming, adventuring, sharing food, story telling…all wonderful things. It came up in conversation about the two of us getting our ears pierced. Her with her first piercing and me adding a second hole on both ears. The time flew and before you know it it was their last day. Amazingly it all came together. Dad, daughter and I drove down to Kihei and had a short stop at St. Theresa’s Church. My parents when I was my young friends age, 5 1/2, created and installed the stainglass windows in the church…and they are beyond breath taking and totally worth stoping in the next time you are down there. So we went inside and sat to enjoy the history and magic. We did a chant ..and right in the the middle of the chant, thunder cracked right over the church! It was so awesome! By the time we go to the Tattoo shop it was absolutely pouring with rain. So much so that the Tattoo Shop leaked..majorly! It was pretty funny and the distraction managed to calm all of our nerves. We each chose a color, me blue and my young friend pink…and then we traded one, so we each have one of each. I went first. When my young friend went, she was so brave, did exactly as she was asked and wala ~  we have our ears pierced. But more than that, we shared in a moment in time that both of us will remember for the rest of our lives!

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