Celebration of the Arts

Celebration of the Arts is an event put on by the Ritz in Kapalua. Me and two dear sisters went this year to see what it was all about. We carpooled at the crack of dawn to be on the beach by 6am for the sunrise morning blessing…wow. And true to form we all debated if we where even going to get in the ocean after all cause it was still so chilly. Some brothers lead the whole group that had gathered in a Hawaiian chant to give praise to the day and call the sun in. Sure enough the 3 of us all went in the ocean! It was wonderful actually…followed by hilarious laughter at the mount of sand stuck in our hair and the useless misty shower head!

The other highlights where making kukuinut pohaku lights with Uncle Hoaka and Auntie Maile. So fun.

We where also so blessed with a gift of pure aloha love from Auntie Sarai…she shared her stunningly beautiful Batik scarves with us.

At the end of the day, we where some happy, tired, girls!

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