In the Words of Workshop Students


What a blast we had! Over two Saturdays Sunny, Sheea, Adria and I mixed up a major armload of Herbal Elixirs, Cordials, Bitters and Syrups. Here are some of their comments and feedback about the Workshop and integrating the medicine into their life.

Sunny Savage: “Khadija is such a gift in our community! If you’ve been wanting to get into herbal medicine, or are a seasoned medicine maker looking for new tricks and combinations, her classes provide high quality information with practical know-how of what works for people and their connection to medicine. ”

Sheea: “Just wanted to give you an update as I am enjoying processing the elixirs… Been fun using little creative shot glass crystal and copper glasses to taste the mixes in. Bought Perrier Water fro the first time ans adding the syrups fro flavorings. Taking the Bitters after meals every day.  Enjoying taking the various hormonal balancing elixirs daily as well!! Got to use my batch of assorted empty tincture bottles finally after saving them for so long.”

Adria: “Khadija’s classes meld the Spirit and Science of the plants. I was able to see the medicine more holistically and continue to receive the teachings even after in my day to day life. One of my parts about each workshop I’ve taken is the freedom to intuitively create from her vast array of herbs, flowers, roots, and ingredients..while still having the guidance and insight of harmonious combinations. I also greatly value the sisterhood and unspoken connection that happens while making medicine together. Thank you Khadija for creating space to share and expand our knowledge of the Natural World.”




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