North West Canadian Cordials for Sale


Peaches, Plums, Apples, Blackberries! What a wonderful time to be in the North West. I had the pleasure of picking boxes of fresh fruit to help some friend that where canning up a storm. We selected a few choise pieces from each and I made cordials in my vw bus. Hahaha, so wild. I then continued to shake and love them up while I traveled for the next 3 weeks. A few nights ago before jumping back to Maui, I took over a friends kitchen to press the cordials. Blended with honey from the same Canadian area as the fruit…they  are a true sipping delight of the fresh North West. Available for sale at my studio and whenever I make it to the Upcountry Market. Feel free to email, call or text me to come check them out: 808-575-2507