Breitenbush Herbal Conference


I recently had the pleasure of attending the 30th Annual Breitenbush Herbal Conference in Oregon. What a wonderful everything! The weather was lovely, the setting is in the mountains at a naturally developed Hot Springs that is cared for down to the last detail. The classes and teachers at this years Conference was a mix of seasoned teachers and the next generation. I loved that added piece of being absolutely out of cell phone range!


There are a mix of accommodations to meet most budgets from a dorm house, camping, personal supper cute cabins and rooms in the old lodge.


I was also a real joy to share a few of my Maui made Products with our West Coast brothers and sisters. This is definitely an event worth checking out. Breitenbush Hotsprings is open year round hosting all kinds of events from art to yoga, or just a personal retreat.

Herbal Conference:

Bbush Hotsprings: