March Workshop Fun

it is so much fun to dance in the kitchen mixing and brewing up a storm!  i am blessed with a beautiful self contained studio for my apothecary and healing work. in little over a month, you can come a dance with me during the March Botanical Medicine Making Workshop. it’s going to be full on! the classes and workshops that i took and remember the most are the ones where the teachers shared to the full extent. where there was so much information, experimentation, and especially participation! that i left feeling inspired, engaged and wanting more. like i could take the class again because it was so awesome! it is also important to leave feeling like we have a base understanding of what was being taught, that we can integrate what we learn into our lives.  this is what i am striving for. yes! magic, science, honoring the plants and our ancestors of the we may be joyous, empowered, and healthy in the present.

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Botanical Medicine Making Workshop

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